Celebrating 50 years

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us on Sept 17 with the Alumni Races, Open House and Evening Event.

To commemorate the anniversary we set a fundraising goal of $50,000 (50for50) which will support the purchase of a special eight.

To reach our goal, we need your help.  We ask you to donate today.  

Every Donor/Contributor with a minimum $150 donation will have their name permanently displayed on the top deck of the new eight!  (The size of donation helps determine how much ‘real estate’ your name gets.) 


Although we appreciate every dollar contribution, we do have some special donation level designations:

Bronze ($250+):  

  • Charitable tax receipt from Alberta Sport Connection;
  • Name displayed on the deck of the new 8+; and,
  • Name included in Bronze category on permanent 50th Anniversary wall plaque displayed on exterior of CRC

Silver ($500+) – all bronze level benefits PLUS:

  • Substantial name display on the deck of the new 8+;
  • Name included in Silver category on wall plaque; and,
  • Invite to VIP reception at the 50th Anniversary Gala event, September 17, 2016

Gold ($1500+) – all Silver level benefits PLUS:

  • Prominent name display on the deck of the new 8+;
  • Name included in Gold category display on wall plaque; and,
  • 2 tickets to the 50th Anniversary Gala event (as well as VIP reception) and valet parking for the event, September 17, 2016

DONATE NOW at:  CRC website

Thank you to those that have donated already:


Almoonir Dewji, The Miller Family, Steve Norman, Pam Young, The Nesbitts, The Rokosh Family, The Ryans, Terry and Heather, Pat Cashion, GW-Coop, Erin Reardon&Craig Milikin, Anonymous, Anonymous


Brian McGuigan, Kevin VanVliet, Glen Cameron, Angela Phyllis Dowd, Richard Galway, Rodney Cole, William Lacey, Stephen Anstey, Sandy Smith, Jeff Holloway, Jim Yaremko, Errol and Shani, Tony Toth, Anonymous, Cathcart Family,  Phebe Chung, Chris, Tessa, Zoe +Trent, Ben Millen, Bryden Family, Friends of Joubert, Anonymous


Christina Fuller, Alexandra Marchuk, Kale and Brooke Simonson, York Langerfeld, Aidan Cole, Heather McDermid, Anonymous, Colleen Kirker, Miranda Kirker, Chantler Family, Luker, Martin Gamp, Penny Blackwell, Jen Ptasinski, Kasia Gruchalla-Wesierski, John Reid, Margot Wilderdijk-Streutker, Katherine Morianos, Tiffanie Leger, Chanel Leger, Hare Family, Ryan Finley, Andrew Hubbard, Craig Riley, Matthew Pierson, Lori Hansen, Magdy El-Beheiry, Barb Miller, Barbara Pohl, Rosalie & Ben Wolters, Craig Riley  

Boat Donors

Sam Pohl, Nancy Morton, Olivia McMurray, Natalie McMurray, Alana McPherson, Emily Arich, Cate White, Alex Joubert, Miki, Wayne Pridham, Trish Durkin, 2013 CSG lightweight 4-, Judy Boyd, Nicolas Krause, Dave Matthews, Jackson Hodder, Michael Hodder, Molly McEwen, Brianna Walsh

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