Bingo Fundraising Program

What Are These Bingos About?

The CRC participates in Bingo gaming to raise funds for the Club. For each CRC bingo, the club sends 13 volunteers to work a four-hour shift. The work is simple, usually selling bingo cards or counting money. The funds raised go into general club revenues, and provide the club with about $50,000 per year. Without this gaming opportunity, each member’s fees would have to be raised $300-$500/year.

Bingos take place between September and May at the Bingo Palace, 2604 35 Avenue NE.

What Do I Have to Do?

As part of membership, each CRC member has an obligation to assist with earning this bingo revenue. A member can meet this obligation either by paying a bingo waiver fee ($75/required bingo) or by working bingo shifts during the bingo season. The amount of the waiver fee or the required number of shifts depends on class of membership, as shown below:

Each member must make a choice to waive or work bingos during the registration process. 

Members choosing to work bingos must register for the required number of bingo events at time of registration and pay an attendance guarantee fee for each bingo. The guarantee fee will be credited back to their accounts each time a required shift is worked. 

Members choosing to waive bingos will have the bingo waiver fee added to their registration invoice.

How Else Can I Help?

Once all members who choose to work have registered for their required bingos, any member may choose to work as many unfilled shifts as they like. For each shift worked, the member will receive a $50 credit to their account, which can be used to offset any future CRC fees, including membership, regatta fees, or other events.

Since many members do waive bingos, we often need additional members to fill open shifts. The club is assessed a penalty when it does not have sufficient volunteers, so willingness to work extra shifts is good for both the member and the club.

What Has Changed for 2015?

Gaming funding remains critically important to the club’s financial stability. We have not found another way to generate replacement funds, so we need all members’ continued assistance with bingos and casinos to stay afloat without large fee increases.

But, we continue to have compliance issues with the existing bingo program, so the Board has redesigned the program to help members who work bingos meet this critical commitment to your club. Below is a summary of the changes.

Members who meet their obligations will see only one change: bingo guarantee fees will be collected in advance and credited back, rather than by undated cheques. This requires less administration for both members and our club.

I Have Questions. Who Has Answers?

The full bingo policy, as approved by the CRC Board of Directors, is found below. 

There will be optional meetings after each club cleanup day to address any questions with online registration and the bingo program changes.

Questions can be sent by email to the CRC office. The Club Manager or the Bingo Coordinator will address logistical questions, and forward any policy questions to the Board for answers.

Calgary Rowing Club – Bingo Policy

Effective May 1, 2015

Bingo Obligations for Membership in the Calgary Rowing Club

Each member of the Calgary Rowing Club is required to satisfy the Bingo Obligations associated with the applicable Membership Category as outlined in the Membership Fee Structure table.

Each member of the Calgary Rowing Club can satisfy the applicable Bingo Obligations for Membership in one of the following two ways:

Selecting “work bingos” on the annual registration form, signing up for the required number of bingos during the registration process, and paying the resulting Bingo Guarantee Fees with other required program fees.

Selecting “waive bingos” on the annual registration form and paying the appropriate Bingo Waiver Fee for the membership category.

It is each member’s responsibility to either attend each bingo for which he/she has registered or to find a suitable replacement. Failure to comply with this provision will result in application of the no-show penalties listed below:

Loss of bingo guarantee fee for that event

Additional penalty of $75 charged to account. Must be settled before rowing

Withdrawal from remaining bingos for the year and loss of remaining guarantee fees

Following year, privilege to work bingos is removed and waiver fee must be paid for full season

If a replacement worker is used, it is the responsibility of the member to inform the Calgary Rowing Club of the replacement worker’s attendance. If the Calgary Rowing Club is not informed of the replacement worker’s attendance, then the member will forfeit the Bingo Guarantee Fee and other no-show penalties may be applied at the Club’s sole discretion. Calgary Rowing Club will be under no obligation to provide a refund.

Bingo Program Procedures

Registration, Availability & Bingo Credits

The Calgary Rowing Club will post bingo dates and times online in conjunction with the annual membership registration process in April of each year.

Bingo registration is to be done online through the CRC website by members who choose to work bingos. Registration for the required number of bingos must be completed and the associated Bingo Guarantee Fee paid before registration is considered complete.

Each bingo shift worked satisfies one Required Bingo Obligation.

Bingo Guarantee Fee

Each member who chooses to work bingos shall pay a Bingo Guarantee Fee of $75 per required bingo at time of registration. This fee will be credited back to the member’s account when the bingo event obligation is met in one of the following ways:

the member works the scheduled bingo event, or

a replacement worker supplied by the member works the scheduled bingo event, or

a replacement worker identified by the Club’s Bingo Coordinator at the member’s request at least 24 hours in advance , works the scheduled event

Bingo Waiver Fee

Each member who chooses to waive working bingos shall pay a Bingo Waiver Fee of $75/Bingo required for that member’s membership category. A member who pays the Bingo Waiver Fee with registration is not obligated to work any bingo events for that program year. A waiving member may work bingos and will earn $50 credit per optional bingo worked.

Bingo Reporting Times & Penalty Points

Bingo Penalty Points are assigned by the bingo hall based on club performance. Penalty criteria include fewer members working the event than the stated requirement, number of members reporting for duty on time, etc. The assignment of Bingo Penalty Points can result in the loss of a future bingo for the club and, if these infractions occur repeatedly, the club may lose the right to attend bingos altogether. To prevent the assessment of penalty points, the following conditions apply:

Each Calgary Rowing Club member must report to the bingo hall at 1020 hrs for Daytime Bingos and 1620 hrs for Evening Bingos.  

The Calgary Rowing Club member assigned the position of Chairperson must report to the bingo hall at 1000 hrs for daytime bingos and 1600 hrs for evening bingos.

If a member is sufficiently late for a bingo such that the lateness results in the bingo hall assigning Bingo Penalty Points, then this member forfeits the Bingo Guarantee Fee for that event. Other no-show penalties do not apply.

Additional Bingo Credits

Once all members who choose to work bingos have registered for the required number of bingo events, any member may choose to work any of the remaining positions at bingo events. Members will be notified when open registration is available. This will normally be in September, after UCRC members have registered for their mandatory bingo events. The following conditions will apply:

Additional bingos attended in excess of the Required Bingos (per the Membership Fee Structure table presented above) will result in the award of one Bingo Credit (equivalent to $50) for each additional bingo attended.

Each Bingo Credit has no cash value and can only be applied against future club fees. Credits can be applied to any club fees, not just membership.

There is no limit on the number of credits each member earn. Registration for bingo events will be first-come, first-served once open registration is announced.

Open bingos will be assessed the same Bingo Guarantee Fee as mandatory bingos. Once the bingo has been worked, the $75 guarantee fee will be credited and the extra $50 credit will be applied to the member’s account. This is to prevent no-shows and the application of Penalty Points by the Bingo Hall as described above

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