The CRC Row-A-Thon

Event Description

The purpose of the Row-A-Thon is to raise funds for our participating Junior and Senior athletes to attend events such as BC Champs, Regina Sprints and the Canadian Henley. We encourage all club groups to participate and support our Junior and Senior athletes.  

During the winter months rowers will individually go around to family, friends and neighbors for sponsorship. The amount of sponsorship is up to the sponsor to determine for each kilometer rowed in the time specified time frame. Example:  If a person pledged $2.00/km and 100 km (34 laps around the course) was rowed by the athlete, that sponsor would owe $200.00. The sponsor could also just pledge a flat rate if they want for any kilometers rowed. The number of kilometers rowed will be tracked by lap counters from the finish tower using assigned boat numbers.

There would be a time limit on the event of 8 hours, so all crews can safely row in the day light. A potluck breakfast would start the event. At the end of the event there would be a club BBQ to celebrate the achievements of the athletes.


May 19, 2018

9:00am to 5:00pm

Sponsorship Funds Criteria

Money collected will be used to offset regatta fees attended by our Junior and Senior Athletes. All money raised will be deposited into a separate Junior and Senior accounts. The following criteria is place for 2018 regattas:

  • 1.     There will be no charitable tax receipts issued as CRC is not a registered charitable organization.
  • 2.     Funds collected for each group will be tracked through a common excel spreadsheet.
  • 3.     Funds collected by Rec or Master athletes will go into the common spreadsheet.
  • 4.     Funds collected will be distributed evenly to the participating Junior and Senior athletes. Athletes will receive these funds through credits placed on their account when they register for one of the three regattas .

Example: if $5000.00 is collected and there are 75 Junior and Senior Athletes participating then each athlete will receive $67.00 towards a regatta registration fee.

  • 5.     Funds can only be used towards Regina, Canadian Henley and BC Champs regattas fees.
  • 6.     Only those Junior and Senior athletes participating in the row-a-thon can receive credits on their account for regatta entrance fees.

The Sponsorship Form can be downloaded HERE.

Participation Criteria

To participate in the row-a-thon athletes must:

  • 1.     Be good standing member of CRC
  • 2.     Collect a minimum of $100.00 in pledges to participate in the event

Note: New novice rowers will not be allowed to participate as they won’t be as strong or technically skilled in the sport yet.

Register to Participate Here!

Crews and Boating

Crews will be determined by the Junior and Senior Coaches, with input from the Rec and Master coaches, based on those who have registered and the kilometer grouping the they wish to row. The following kilometer groupings are suggested:

  • 1.     0 – 18 km: Estimate 1 – 2 hours
  • 2.     18 – 27 km: Estimate 2 – 3 hours
  • 3.     27 – 36 km: Estimate 3 – 4 hours
  • 4.     36 – 45 km: Estimate 4 – 5 hours
  • 5.     45 – 100 km: Estimate 5 – 8 hours

Note: To mitigate risk of on water incidents, athletes should be boated in quads, fours and eights. Athletes can only use smaller boats with coach’s permission.

Spare athletes would also be determined through the registration process if they only wanted to fill in for an athlete. It is anticipated that most of the spare athletes would come from the Rec and Master groups. If a crew member needs a break for a lap for personal requirements, the spare would jump in for the lap. The spare athlete is not required to find pledges but the kilometers they row would count towards the athlete who has taken the break. Spare athletes should be required for crews for kilometer groupings 3, 4 and 5 noted above.

Each boat will have a boat number so the number of laps can be tracked by the lap counters on shore.

Rower Requirements

  • CRC Rules: All CRC safety rules must be followed always.
  • Hands: a month before the event, practice in the tank at least once a week to get hands toughened before the event. Carry a role of your favorite tape for blisters that occur during the event.
  • Seat Pads: for comfort on the long row it is recommended that seat pads are used. This will certainly be appreciated, particularly after 10 – 15 km.
  • Drinks: Take plenty of water/drinks with you and stay well hydrated.
  • Breaks: take short breaks every 30 – 35 minutes or as you need to on the course and have something to drink and eat.
  • Clothing: hats, hand towel that can be soaked in the water to put around your neck for cooling, layers depending on the weather, poggies (hopefully not).
  • Food Requirements: Provide for your own food requirements. Energy bars are suggested to bring with you on the water.

Note: Due to various food allergies, no nuts are allowed in the boats.


If weather conditions dictate that the row-a-thon must be canceled or halted for a period of time until conditions clear, then the event will continue using rowing ERGs inside the boat house.

If a participating row-a-thon athlete is unable to attend one of the designated regattas or has money remaining from their portion at year end, that amount will be credited towards their next years membership fees.

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