Senior Program (19+)

The CRC Senior Program trains rowers with the ultimate goal of winning races at local, regional, and national regattas. Training is daily, intense, and in a variety of shells from singles, to doubles, to quads, to the big 8s.


The core session times are in the early morning's weekdays from 5:30 - 7:15 AM and Saturday's from 7-9 AM from May - October. During the on-water season, training mostly consists of on-water rowing.Depending on one's stream and aspirations, evening sessions may also be on the program. During the off-water season (winter training) from November to April, the sessions run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:30AM - 7:30AM and Saturdays from 8-9AM. Sessions mostly consist of indoor rowing or erging, tank work and weights.


Local regattas include Calgary and Edmonton. Regional include Regina and Victoria, while the pinnacle of rowing competition takes place in St. Catherine's at the Canadian Henley Regatta. Athletes with the talent and determination to take it to the next level compete at the Canadian National Trials. The cost of regattas will be covered by athletes attending. All travel expenses will be covered by the athlete.


Program Coach Pascal Ferraro is currently completing his RCA Performance coach certification. He has been coaching and mentoring rowers in France and Calgary for over 20 years. During the last 5 years, with Michael Simonson as a program coach, he helped Calgary athletes achieve their rowing goals. Pascal is joined by Coach Tony Toth, previously a Hungarian National team athlete, who will take care of the Senior Novice program.  


The membership year for CRC members runs May 1-April 30. There are memberships available for annual members, non local students, in-transit students and local students. Please check HERE for membership fees. 

The month of May is the typical entry date for this program, though with prior rowing experience, one can step into the program at any point in the year. Athletes are welcome to join our winter program anytime between January and the end of April.

Required Equipment

The only equipment required of members is a PFD (lifejacket), which can be purchased at Auto Marine or MEC for approximately $140. 

Additional Info

There is no age limit for the Senior category - while the Masters entry age is 27, many continue to race in the senior category well beyond this point. The Masters Category is the obvious progression for those wanting to continue to race in the sport, while the Rec Program is the destination for those wishing to take this forward at a more leisurely pace


For questions of an administrative nature, to register or for training specific questions, please e-mail the Office Manager:office[at]

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