Release, Waiver, Assumption of Risk

(this waiver is part of your LTR registration)

I, the undersigned, understand and hereby acknowledge and agree that participation in rowing/sculling involves certain risks and dangers, which include, but are not limited to cold weather, water and physical exertion.

In consideration of my request to engage in rowing/sculling activity, accompanied or unaccompanied (meaning with or without launch), using the Calgary Rowing Club (hereinafter the “Club”) or private equipment, I agree not to hold the Club, its Directors, officers or Agents (including coaches) liable for personal injury, death and/or property loss.

I, further agree and acknowledge:
(a) I acknowledge and confirm that I can swim, or alternatively, I undertake to wear a personal flotation
device while participating in the rowing/sculling activity;
(b) I am familiar with and understand the dangers associated with cold weather and water, specifically
hypothermia and how to deal therewith should an accident occur;
(c) I agree to keep updated regarding special activities and programs ongoing at the club. Also, to be
bound by rules established by the Club;
(d) I agree to immediately notify the Club Captain, or in his absence, Club official of all incidents within
my knowledge, also, regarding any obstruction or situation in or on the water and surrounding

I hereby release and forever discharge the Club, its Directors, Officers, Agents (including Coaches) from
any responsibility or liability with regard to injury, death, loss or damage to my person or property,
howsoever caused arising out of or in connection with my rowing/sculling activity, on water or land,
notwithstanding that such injury, death, loss or damage to property may have contributed or occasioned by negligence of the Club, its Directors, Officers or Agents (including Coaches) upon behalf of myself, Heirs, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns.

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