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Safe Sport

What is Safe Sport? 

Traditionally safety in rowing, as in other sports, has focused on eliminating or reducing the risk of physical injury to participants and, secondarily, of damage to equipment. Safe Sport is an expansion of the safety focus which recognizes the importance of the emotional well-being of participants. This initiative was driven by the exposure of instances of coach-athlete abuse in many sports, often at the highest level of achievement, but applies at all levels and to all relationships. Safe Sport identifies the nature and range of unacceptable interactions, provides information and training aimed at eliminating maltreatment, and provides tools and resources to address issues should they occur. 


Safe Sport at CRC 

Our goal is for Sport at the Calgary Rowing Club to be Safe for everyone, both physically and psychologically. We strive to engage all participants in achieving this goal, and commit to dealing promptly and effectively with any concern.  

Is Safe Sport about abuse, bullying and harassment?  

Absolutely! These come under the general heading of Maltreatment. And, let’s not forget that discrimination is also a form of maltreatment. 

Is the Safe Sport program just for coach-athlete interactions?  

Not at all, it applies to interactions between any participants in our activities and programs. Although the primary focus is on ensuring a safe environment for athletes, the term “participant” also includes coaches, club staff, umpires, volunteers, etc.. Our coaches are screened and receive training specific to Safe Sport, but it is important that all of us understand and practice Safe Sport. 

Please review the CRC Safe Sport Policy Manual.

Check out Rowing Canada's Safe Sport page for more information

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